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The Public Health Expert Briefing will be highlighting evidence-informed public health solutions in a new series: Briefings to the Incoming Government.

With a new government come new plans, new commitments, and new areas of focus. What doesn’t change are the health and sustainability challenges we face as a country. New ministers and policy agendas will not make public health problems magically disappear, but they can start or continue a process to achieve major advances.

The wellbeing of the people of Aotearoa New Zealand should always be a top priority of any government. We must expect nothing less of elected leaders—and hold them to account when they stray from the path.

We need considered and evidence-informed policy. Policy that supports the fundamental determinants of health, which include: a clean environment, safe and healthy housing, access to healthy food, and a fair and equitable society.

It is in this context we are announcing a new series of articles: Briefings to the Incoming Government.

Over the next few months, we will be publishing occasional articles highlighting challenges and opportunities in the public health policy space. These articles will cover a range of issues but are linked by a common thread of drawing attention to policy opportunities for advancing health, equity, and sustainability that are within the grasp of our leaders.


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