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If you have landed on our website before 9 February 2023, you are early to the party.

After the launch on that day, you will be able to learn more about who we are and what we are aiming to do. Meanwhile, you can look back over past blog posts. (The Briefing is rebranded from the successful Public Health Expert Blog which has run for over a decade.)

The Briefing is public health expert commentary and analysis. We unpack some of the big public health issues facing our country, detail what the research is showing us, and discuss evidence-based solutions.

The Public Health Communication Centre (PHCC) is dedicated to increasing the reach and impact of public health research, making it more accessible to the public and decision-makers.

The first briefing off the blocks is one on the rationale behind the new Centre by director Professor Michael Baker and others. Then we will bring you a six-part launch series on key public health issues this election year. They will look at areas such as planning for the long game in public health, eliminating Māori health inequities, and ensuring safe drinking water for all New Zealanders.

Subscribe below and watch this space.

Public Health Expert Briefing (ISSN 2816-1203)

About the Briefing

Public health expert commentary and analysis on the challenges facing Aotearoa New Zealand and evidence-based solutions.


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Public Health Expert Briefing

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