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Read the Public Health Communication Centre submission on the Fast-Track Approvals Bill

The PHCC opposes the Bill. The main objections that are detailed in the submission are: 

  1. The Bill is significantly out-of-step with the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet advice on best-practice policy and policy development.
  2. The Bill reduces the rigour required and increases bias in, decision-making on major projects.
  3. The Bill circumvents legal protections for public health, leaving New Zealanders more vulnerable to illness and death from pollution.
  4. The Bill fails to adequately account for climate change and the protective value of a healthy environment, leaving communities’ health and well-being more vulnerable.
  5. The Bill undermines democratic processes.
  6. The Bill is likely to worsen inequality.
  7. The Bill is likely to have long-term impacts on public health – impacting the lives of our children and grandchildren.


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