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Read the Public Health Communication Centre submissions to the Science Sector and University Advisory Groups. 
The Advisory Groups, both chaired by Prof Sir Peter Gluckman, were established by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment and the Ministry of Education respectively. 
In response to Phase One consultations, the Public Health Communication Centre made nearly identical submissions, one to each group. Our submission argues that with an increased focus on 'impact,' the sector must invest in training and infrastructure: 

"A science system that encourages non-academic impact must acknowledge and accommodate dissemination and knowledge transfer efforts. This necessitates investment in funding, training, engagement, and protection for researchers involved in dissemination efforts. Investment is needed to upskill the science community for impact."
The submissions also call on the sector to support a thriving media ecosystem:

"Strengthening the media sector is essential for effective dissemination of scientific research to the public—and policymakers. It also plays a critical role in representing the views of the wider public and holding the science sector to account."


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